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With more than 3 billion people making up India population becomes one of the leading countries adopting technology as one of its outstanding industries, it is clear this country is one of the places in the world where people become familiar with Wi-Fi because of the decision policy to carry out the broadband of BSNL. It is interesting to talk more about the broadband of BSNL because it could be kind of incredible the way it had done its development and the consequences it brings to consumers in India, there is not many places in the world where a state company get the most great network of communications that are BSNL, so we will explain a little more about this.

The acronym BSNL means Bharat Sanchar Nigam has limited and its trade name until 2007 was one of the data, this beginning of huge network to work on its territory the 2003 and since then the domestic market has experienced a significant increase and greater competitiveness which is excellent for the economy of that country. But there are some details that are big about the BSNL Broadband specifically the evolution that leads to its market; before this huge network became available in the country the road to connection was the dial-up model that will give its owner a low bandwidth speed of 56Kbps on average, but after broadband starts to work the width changes of bandwidth available at 512Kbps, offering a connection almost ten times faster … without any doubt a huge improvement. Its service spanning more than 190 cities and called it the NBI-II which means National Internet Backbone-II, is certainly really incredible the size of this network and as its feed with its users.

And in the same way that people started using the broadband requirements of the accessories (AKA: products) to get access to also have an increase, demanding the best equipment that allows you to get all the advantages of this type of connection such as sharing of video, gaming, IP telephony and many others, then by examining the resources available online, we have concluded that the preferred WiFi Modem models that select people to buy in the Indian market are:

Netgear Wireless-n: have good reviews and references from its “N” speed and allowing its owner to develop simultaneous tasks, another good feature is great compatibility with different telephony operators. Speaking of its price we could say that they are expensive, but the features and benefits could be worth the investment.

Teracom ADSL2: there are many reviews on this model online, but if we talk about price is not very expensive, we could not make sure about its quality.

Cisco Linksys X Wireless-n: also have positive feedback and reviews, and its main features are improved security, wide coverage range, easy configuration and high transfer speed, good compatibility. Speaking of the price we note that it is a power plant that could be excellent for ease of domestic use.

ASUS DSL-n: this brand has achieved great development in recent years and its products have very interesting features such as 3G plug-in, sharing, Ethernet WAN capability, fast internet set up (QIS), a high signal antenna of 5dBi (two) which allows good coverage, availability of 4-in-1 network and remote printer server application. Speaking of the price we have to say that because it has many variants of DSL modems then it depends on the buyer.

The only brand from where we find bad reviews was D-Link, so you might be cautious before thinking about buying one of these models. The main problems with its performance have to do with its connectivity, which means that some people have bad experiences the signal of the product; we’re not trying to say it’s a bad brand … just having bad reviews in this type of product.

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