Breakthrough heel pain treatment developed by Tampa podiatrist, Dr.

Marc Katz!

Oh, the agony of heel pain! It seems to spread to epidemic proportions. You’ve seen more doctors and have had injections, orthotics and now surgery seems to be the last option. So you see another doctor and hear the same story and get offered the same treatments again.

Dr. Marc Katz, a Tampa podiatrist, was tired of having nothing new to offer his patients for relief. As a result, he researched new technologies and came up with an advanced multi-technology treatment with excellent results and without surgery.

As a heel pain sufferer, you’ve probably got disgusted and depressed about dealing with daily pain. You want physical exercise to lose weight and stay fit, but pain does not allow you to do even basic activities. The thought of surgery scares you and you fear it could be worse and take some time out of work and maybe even have complications, go here.

Well the answer is here for heel pain relief. Dr. Katz combines high-frequency radial pressure wave treatment with Super Pulsed Laser treatments and both are FDA deselected medical devices. These 2 technological approaches when combined produce surprising results, says Katz.

They are non-invasive and represent a more holistic approach to healing and help avoid surgery. Dr. Katz calls his new protocol the Super Pulse Wave technique.

When a person develops heel pain and lingers for months or years, the body enters a protective mode, so there is no damage to the heel. Unfortunately, body protection modalities lead to long-standing or chronic inflammation.

This chronic inflammation stops the healing process, so conventional treatments do not always work. Cortisone injections do not work for some people with this type of inflammation and can actually weaken the immune system and further interrupt the healing process.

Katz said that we must look at the body as a whole and understand the patterns of healing process and inflammation. Most doctors only see this condition rigorously as a heel problem. Nothing could be further from the truth!

The chronic inflammation produced by the organism will have to be converted into the good inflammation that allows to activate mechanisms of healing of the body. Furthermore, structural problems of the feet and legs must be addressed.

Other conditions that can be treated include Achilles tendonitis, capsulitis and ligament injuries. Read this post here

After years of research, Dr. Katz has found the combination of treatment that leads to good inflammation, allowing healing cells to enter the heel area and solving your pain.

These cells will remove the inflammation and actually heal the tissues that have been resistant to other treatments. In addition, the treatments relieve the congestion of the damaged area and reset the nerves that continue to fire abnormally and cause pain.

This is not a plaster, says Katz, is the healing of the tissue in a natural way. It is an awakening of the body’s healing process to cure your problem.

The treatments take place in a comfortable environment. Most treatments occur weekly for 5 weeks and last about 20 minutes. No anesthesia is required and expensive outpatient surgeries can be avoided. This was truly a breakthrough in the treatment of heel pain.

The public is looking for non-invasive treatments that are quite reasonable and that do not lead to down time. Katz said his patients are too busy with work and boys take time away from their busy lives.

Dr. Katz recommends that you look at his websites to be more informed.


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